Industrial Action Information Page

Schedule of Events

FINAL THREE DAYS: CHANGES TO 20th, 21st and 22nd March

To conserve our energy and maximise the value of our efforts, we’ve added in some rest and social time:

Mon 20th All together!

  • 8am-10am picket – everyone at Penryn Campus main gates – joint Exeter and Falmouth picket
  • 7pm UCU social Thirsty Scholar Penryn

Tues 21st TLC Day

Recharge your batteries and reclaim your time from overwork and stress. Walking, reading, watching TV or whatever you fancy. Share why you’re striking and what you’re doing with your day on social media.

Wed 22nd Teach-out

no picket. 11am a water-themed teach-out at the Cornish Bank including a storytelling and talks.

11-12pm (and at times throughout): Open Mic\ Soapbox and time for informal discussion.

12-2pm: Rivers and Waterways Storytelling with Mat Osmond, followed by a talk and discussion with Falmouth Town Councillor Zoe Young.

2pm-4pm: an introduction to and open discussion of Kinship & Change: a climate citizenship course [working title]: a student & staff collaboration planned to roll out at Falmouth University from September 2023.

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There will be banners, there will be music, there will be snacks. Bring warm clothes, pets and children. Let’s make some noise!

Weds 15th

Pickets both campuses main gates 8am-10am

10am-4pm Cornish Bank, Solidarity protest art: staff make posters and banners about student issues, students make them for staff issues. We’ll provide some cloth, scissors, card, pens and glue but if you can, bring some extra. If we run out, you’ll have to do protest mime.

Also at the Cornish Bank – open mic. Step up and talk to the room, tell us why you’re striking or protesting, tell us what change you want, just tell us how you’re feeling.

Thurs 16th

Pickets both campuses 8am-10am. Bring in the banners and posters you made yesterday!

Lunchtime rally in Truro with other unions – details on lifts and meeting places tbc

Friday 17th

Pickets both campuses 8am-10am

11am-12pm How to Run a People’s Assembly, Fish Factory

Followed by 12-1pm Just Stop Oil (JSO) March theory

Everyone go over to Gluvias Hall (1-3pm) to practice the practical aspects of marching slowly and disruptively!

This teach-out is led by JSO student mobilisers, alongside UCU. If you can’t make it, get in touch with ucufalmouth@gmail.com – more march training will be available before May.

Mon 20th Pickets both campuses 8am-10am

Tuesday 21st Pickets both campuses 8am-10am

Weds 22nd

Pickets both campuses 8-10am

10am-4pm Cornish Bank: Water-themed storytelling and talk on water pollution.

Tues 14th feb an extra big day

On Tuesday 14th Feb let’s come out in force and get behind our negotiating team. That week Exeter UCU branch are organising some great teach-out events too – details to follow.

1st feb national day of action

8-10am: Pickets Falmouth and Penryn campus Share your spotify picket playlists, bring snacks and drinks. Pets and children welcome!

If you can’t be there in person, be there online for the virtual picket – create your own original protest placard, poster or art and share pictures on Twitter or Instagram #ucuRising and we will amplify.

10 am Story Dice workshop, organised by School of Art colleagues at the Cornish Bank in Falmouth.

1200-2.30 People’s Assembly: What do ethical partnerships look like in a university during a Climate and Ecological Crisis? Sign up

4-6 pm Afternoon pickets both campuses.

a dog and the words more dogs, more pickets, more pay and UCU rising.



Falmouth University UCU members are taking industrial action on 24th, 25th and 30th November 2022.

There are a number of free events during this period, coordinated by UCU (nationally and by the Falmouth and Exeter branches): these events are not affiliated with the universities, and staff, students and the public can variously attend as appropriate. This includes community events, “teach-outs”, talks on key issues, banner making workshops, friendly picket lines, live music, a beach workshop, open mics and more! The full schedule of event will appear below by Wednesday 23rd of November, but here is a provisional schedule:

Wednesday 23rd November

  • This is not a strike day but some members are taking ‘Action Short of a Strike’ (ASOS)
  • 13.00PM-14.00PM DM Lecture 1, Penryn Campus. There is a Q&A event for students about the strike action which will be attended by representatives of UCU branches and university representatives from Falmouth and Exeter. This event is coordinated by the SU and it is for students of Falmouth and Exeter Universities only.

Thursday 24th November

  • 08.00-10.00AM Picket Lines at all campuses
  • 12.00-16.00PM Teach outs, workshops and talks at The Cornish Bank in Falmouth (Church Street, TR11 3EF)
    • 12.00-13.30PM People’s Assembly addressing the question: “How is the university system contributing to the causes of mass-extinction, and what can be done to remedy this?”
    • 13.30-15.30PM Workload H&S Clinic (running alongside other events)
    • 14.00-15.45PM Protest Banner and Tabard Making Workshop (alongside talks, speeches, poems etc.)
    • 15.45PM Walk back to the Woodlane Picket Line (only UCU members can join “the official picket” but of course all members of the community can show support as legally appropriate)
  • 16.00-18.00PM Picket Lines at all campuses

Friday 25th November

  • 08.00-10.00AM Picket Lines at all campuses
  • 12.00-16.00PM Teach outs, workshops and talks at The Fish Factory in Penryn (Commercial Road, TR10 8AG). Full schedule TBC.
    • 12.30-14.00PM The Need For Collective Action on the Climate Crisis: A Talk and Discussion by Student Activists
    • 14.00-15.00pm Trade Unionism and Local History Talk
    • 15.00-16.00PM What is a Neoliberal University?
    • 13.30-15.30PM Workload H&S Clinic (running alongside other events)
  • 16.00-18.00PM Picket Lines at all campuses

Wednesday 30th November

  • There is a national rally on Wednesday 20th November
  • 08.00-10.00PM Picket Lines at both campuses
  • 12.00-16.00PM Protest Art on the beach (meet on Gylly beach at noon)
  • 16.00-18.00PM Picket Lines at all campuses

17th-19th October, Dispute Over the Use of Falmouth Staffing Limited

Falmouth University UCU members took industrial action on 17th, 18th and 19th October 2022

There were a number of free events during this period, coordinated by UCU and not affiliated with the university, which both staff, students and the public attended. This included community events, “teach-outs”, talks on key issues, friendly picket line, open mics and more!

Monday 17th October

  • 08.00-10.00AM Picket Lines at both campuses
  • 13.00-13.30PM Opening Talks from Falmouth UCU at The Cornish Bank
  • 13.30-15.00PM Protest signs for beginners; a practical and creative workshop on the protest sign through history at The Cornish Bank
  • 15.00-17.00PM Open Mic – Bring a song, poem, speech, short sketch, story etc. etc. at The Cornish Bank
  • 16.00-18.00PM Picket Lines at both campuses

Tuesday 18th October

  • 08.00-10.00AM Picket Lines at both campuses
  • 13.00-14.30PM Penryn Promenade. Walks and scholarly imaginative talks held in promenade around Penryn and celebrating Penryn’s long history of progressive education (meet at 1pm at Glasney College Field, Penryn, TR10 8LH)
  • 14.00-15.30 UCU National Event – Democratising Education; Green New Deal [Booking essential]. This online (zoom) interactive workshop for UCU members will explore the vision for democratising education as part of progressing a Green New Deal in education institutions. The session will explore what a truly democratic education institution would look and feel like and why this is an essential component if we are going to address the climate crisis.
  • 16.00-18.00PM Picket Lines at both campuses

Wednesday 19th October

  • 08.00-10.00PM Picket Lines at both campuses
  • 13.00-14.00PM The Poly. Open Panel Discussion on Trade Unions with a range of guest speakers including Jayne Kirkham (Labour PPC for Truro & Falmouth)
  • 14.30-15.30PM The Poly. Talk Circle: Learning to talk and listen to look after our mental health.
  • 15.30-17.00PM The Poly. Art and the Climate Crisis.
  • 16.00-18.00PM Picket Lines at both campuses